Saturday, April 30, 2005

Upon Dads, one of which I'm not

I was driving into Sonic this evening to get one of my favorite concoctions (Watermelon Tea -- my favorite that isn't coffee based) and I saw a Honda Element with the following message painted across the back of it.

"Dads are NOT $$$ or Visitors! We are parents too! Visit"

I was struck by the forcefulness of those painted words. Seriously. Here is this Dad, blatantly looking to get his kids back. Maybe he has already gotten his kids back through petitioning the court. Maybe he hasn't. Maybe he has this soft spot in his heart for Dads who actually WANT to be Dads. I don't know. I just saw this guy's vehicle and was bowled over by this.

I call it accountability. Yes. Accountability. Is everyone born with it? No. Does everyone learn it? No. But can you learn it? Yes. Hell yes. Have I learned it? Hell no, but I want to.

Why is this? Is it because I have this massive fear of committment? Probably, but I think that I want to learn accountability because I've ran away from it for so long. It's not like I want to have some "big brother" or "father figure" lurking around me all the time. I just want someone that can help me with me. Is that so wrong?

So, I might not be a Dad looking to find my kids again and be a responsible male adult parent, but I am an adult male who's looking to be a responsible adult male. More later....


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