Friday, April 22, 2005

Diarrhea of the Mouth (or the Fingers)

There are more times than I wish to admit in which I tend to ramble & babble whatever I'm thinking at the time -- a concept that can be pretty scary since my mind basically never turns off. Of course, there are times when I'm glad that my mind is always going, but there are times when I wish that my mind wasn't so active. It would get me in so much less trouble....

And I'm not even talking about verbalizing everything that I'm thinking -- I'm just talking about the fact that I'm always thinking about something or even several somethings all the time. The trouble that I get myself into is that I overanalyze what's going on, typically to the point that I cause myself more worry and consternation than I should ever wrap my psyche/emotions within. As Derek Webb puts it so succinctly, there are 2 things that single guys talk/think about the most -- the sovereignty of God and women. Simple as that, but not quite, since there's SOOOOO much wrapped up in those 2 things. Thus, most folks (if any) who read my blog probably think, "Wow. This guy just can't shut up about girls, can he?" Of course, that's a fair assessment, but, when you're single (looking?), those thoughts take up lots of space in one's grey matter.

But here's this -- I don't begrudge what I'm talking about here because it's important to me. As narcissistic as that sounds, I know that I'm not alone in what I'm thinking about these topics upon which I discourse, so there's the chance that what I'm talking about here might be of some benefit to someone besides myself. Hopefully at least.... Maybe I think too much of myself and my thoughts... Or maybe I think that because I've helped someone before with my thoughts that I can help someone again.... I take hope in the latter (as if you couldn't tell).


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