Wednesday, March 30, 2005


So, I spent the evening in Houston, in a theater, getting really charged up and inspired to do more than I usually do with my life. Granted, I don't just sit around all the time being a drain upon society and wasting the air that I breathe, but there are those times when I think, "Wow. What am I really doing with me life? How did I become such a big, stinkin' loser?" Then there are those times when I think, "Wow. I have a lot to offer someone. I have big ideas, dreams, & visions that someone/body could help me put to use for the greater good of mankind (or something else ridiculously idealistic!"

But when I hear someone like Amy Goodman speak, I remind myself that I CAN get involved with a cause or some causes in which I really believe and I CAN make a difference. And that, my friends, really isn't idealistic. It's motivation. Plain and simple. I just have to get myself off of dead center (a interesting metaphor, since what do you find in the middle of roads in East Texas? Dead animals) and get myself moving toward a more common good, not only for how I interact with the world, but also in how the world engages me. Wow. Don't I feel pushed, prodded, and poked. Or if anything, I've received yet another bit of focusing and refocusing in my life and direction. Involvement and volunteerism does NOT mean that you get exploited by the parent organization. They JUST might actually appreciate your assistance and effort.


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