Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Acceptance and More....

So, it has finally happened. After three or so weeks of waiting, after a great phone interview with the Admissions Representative, after 3-6 months of batting around the idea, after 3-6 months of considering a wonderful offer from my current place of employment, after conversation upon conversation with people very important and essential to my life...

I have OFFICIALLY been accepted for enrollment to Biblical Seminary, located in Hatfield, PA, an hour north of Philadelphia, PA. Technically, I will begin working on a Masters of Theology (MTh), but there's a great chance that I'll be shifting to a three-year Masters of Divinity Program (MDiv) after the first year. I somehow anticipate that I will fall in love with studying the OT & NT in their original languages of Hebrew & Greek, respectively. Thus, such a love will predicate my staying in seminary longer to study/learn/grow in order to better prepare myself to work in & to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth.

I'm really excited about what's going on in my life -- from the classes I'll be taking, to the opportunity to move to a new place to live, to meet new people, to experience new things, to see where God will be taking my life over the next 3-5 years. Financial Aid has not been finalized, as I haven't learned how much I'll be needing. However, I am hoping that somehow some of my costs will be allayed through grants, scholarships, and whatever money might be available that I won't have to take out in student loans. Granted, I know that I'll probably HAVE to take out some loans, but I also feel that there are just some costs that I won't have to worry about incurring (namely housing). I'm hoping to secure a job up there, working about 20 hours a week at $10/hour to cover bills, gas, food, & other little things that people shouldn't have to put on credit or student loans.

So, I'm sitting beside my bed looking at a stack of commentaries and Bibles thinking about how often this scene will be replayed over the next 2-3 (or more!) years and I get all giddy inside, with a twinge of nervousness. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I have butterflies fluttering around and banging repeatedly into the sides of my stomach lining. Moving across the country to where I'll basically not know ANYONE is quite a daunting prospect, but I know that, regardless of the social tension that might arise, I will be capable of surmounting it. If anything, I'm like my mother in this respect -- I'll talk to a tree if it stands still long enough.

And if anyone is interested, I'm hoping to do all of my packing on Saturday, September 2nd, so COME HELP ME PACK!! I'll be leaving the Houston area 6-8AM on Labor Day, Monday, September 4th, making a stop in Little Rock or Memphis the first night, stopping somewhere in Virginia the second night, and arriving at school sometime in the evening of Wednesday, September 6th. The school's opening ceremony/get-together will be Saturday, September 9th and the first day of school will be Monday, September 11th.

I can't wait!


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