Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pinpricks as Friends

The swells crash against each other, as
billows threaten to fill up and
fill out the night sky. I sit and
watch as the black and
the grey overwhelm the blue and
the white. The ebb and
the flow of these growing masses
stretch out across the paths of
the infinite heavens.

Can I face them?
Will I be overtaken?
Will the darkness find a way to consume us all?

A crackle, a crease, a seam,
the merest beam of light
finds its way down to me.
I snicker and
laugh at the gall of this tiny
tincture of brightness that has
broken through the clouds.

What is this?

It seems that it cannot last anymore
than a match I would strike. It is but a
temporary source in the frightening mass of
unseeing and
currently pummeling the earth.

it lasts and
it stays and
it continues to provoke my wonder, as
its presence last far beyond any and
all of my prescriptions and

For by this glimmer, my eyes can
gain an image of what surrounds me. Whereas before,
I had no means of seeing amidst the tumult of
atmosphere, I now have a way of making a path through
the disturbance.

To ask to see true daybreak is to ask too much at this time.
But the companionship provided by this little spark is

Copyright 05/14/2006


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