Thursday, May 25, 2006

Guilty as Charged (and it's about damn time)!!

Courtesy of the BBC, CNN, and the KPFT Local News Team,it seems that formerly duped Houstonians and former Enron employees everywhere are receiving justice today. Ken Lay was found guilty on 6 of the 6 charges against him in the principal case and 4 of 4 counts in a secondary case. Jeffery Skilling has been found guilty on 19 of the 28 charges against him, though found not guilty of all of the insider trading charges. The most damning counts against them are those of the fraud and conspiracy charges. Skilling faces a maximum of 185 years in prison and Lay faces a maximum of 165 years in prison as sentencing has not been determined.

More will be forthcoming as the news & analysis unfolds, breaks, and reveals itself.


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