Friday, June 16, 2006

Eyes are the Windows to the Soul, or So She's Told...

She struggles
to collect her thoughts,
even though
tongue-tied she's normally not.

She loves
to love everyone around her,
as if
the whole world is what she's after.

Passionate persuasion
Divine intervention
Fervent personality
Continued conversation

She's figured out
how she must live out her days.
But she's worried
that people she knows might walk away.

Because she sees
that her love is not what they have.
So she hopes
that the One she loves brings them back.

Imminent destruction
Painful intersection
Tearful frustration
Heartfelt confrontation

Watch what you love dear
and also who.
Let your story be real dear
and also true.

Not yet.
Are you ready?

Copyright 06/11/2006


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