Tuesday, March 28, 2006

**Visibly Cringing** So, who really has the best idea of "handbasket"??

Uh.... Yeah....

Hello there folks.

If you've got the stomach, take a look through this article about Ron Luce and Teen Mania in San Fransisco.

Still at odds myself, though I can't quite stomach the harsh treatment of "condemnation" from the city and counter-protestors. I wonder if Luce & TM got permits for their rally -- I believe in free speech, but a rally of that size had to have received approval from some city official. The article doesn't say so thought. But when you boil down things to the core of the issues, it's just the militant language and harsh rhetoric used by Luce that bothers me most. It's not needed and doesn't follow any example that Jesus lived out that I ever read about in the Gospels.

And maybe that's just me....



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