Monday, March 06, 2006

Current Media I'm Enjoying....

Well, here's to a new series I'm starting....

Instead of keeping up with my running sidebar on what I'm listening to and reading, I'm planning to make regular posts (as in, every one or two weeks) regarding what I've been reading, listening to, and watching. Granted, I don't think that this "series" is of much worth to anyone but myself; in fact, I think it will be illuminating to truly ascertain actually how I spend my time. Thus, if you're interested in a bit of sociological insight into how my time is divided up, read along with me.

And yes, if you feel so inclined, feel free to comment....

Without any further ado, I present the list of what has been a part of my life the past couple of weeks:

Walk The Line : Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon (Congrats Reese on your Oscar! I can now forgive you for starring in Legally Blonde, Legally Blonde 2, and Just Like Heaven.)

The Last Gentleman : Walker Percy

Duino Elegies : Ranier Maria Rilke

The Jewish Study Bible : JPS Tanakh Translation

Rabbit Fur Coat : Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

Illinois : Sufjan Stevens (This was the BEST record of 2005. If you haven't bought it, listened to it, and come to love it, than you have no soul. Sorry....)

The Queen is Dead : The Smiths

Document No. 5 : R. E. M.

Pop : U2

Silent Alarm : Bloc Party (I just can't get enough of this album. Beautiful, frenetic, thoughtful, and a hell of a lot of fun.)

The Everglow : Mae (This was one of my favorite records of 2005.)

Catch for Us the Foxes (This also was one of my fave records of 2005, mostly because the music is so creative, so esoteric, yet so utterly wonderful. And oh yeah -- Aaron Weiss is one of the most passionate lyricists since John Donne wrote poetry.)


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