Monday, February 06, 2006

An important woman has died. An important human has died.

Courtesy of Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! (republished without their permission, but fully copyrighted on their site)

We look at the life and legacy of feminist pioneer Betty Friedan. She died Saturday, on her 85th birthday. Friedan was a founding member of the National Organization for Women - NOW - which today has grown into the largest women's rights group in the U.S. In 1966, she was NOW's first president, a post she held for four years. She was also author of the groundbreaking book "The Feminine Mystique." The book is widely credited for helping to launch the feminist movement and is viewed as one of the most important books of the 20th century. Kim Gandy, NOW's current President, said: "The Feminine Mystique... opened women's eyes. Betty recognized a longing in the women of her generation, a longing for something more - opportunity, recognition, fulfillment, success, a chance to live their own dreams beyond the narrow definition of "womanhood" that had limited their lives."

(To read the full transcript, go to Democracy Now!


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