Friday, February 17, 2006

Random Thoughts on Simplicity

All thanks to Shane Claiborne,
Inspired by Mark 10:17-31,
All apologies for how unfocused these thoughts seem.
I just started writing as these ideas and impressions flooded my mind.

What is Simplicity?
it is more than basic, because Christ astounds us.
It is beyond complex, because Christ confounds us.

It compels us to create and seek for solidarity.
It effuses compassion.
It demands that we reach beyond ourselves and
threatens to overwhelm us.

The call of Christ confuses us, enrages us, focuses us, propels us, and brings us to our knees, so that we are ultimately sent out to love all of our neighbors.

Simplicity begs us to realize that, in order to truly study the Gospel, we must fully live out the Gospel. In order to truly study about God, we must be the Church that God has always called us to be and become.

Thus, just like love, simplicity is quite difficult, but ever so necessary. And it does not, has not, and will probably never make sense to us.

What is Simplicity?
It is wild.
It is passionate.
It is earthy.
It is organic.
It is from the grassroots.
It is one and it is all.
It is beyond us, all around us, and includes all of us.
It directs the Church.
It bewilders the Church.
It loves and asks us to love as well.
It is Christ, though His ways are far beyond ours, yet are ours as well.

Tikkun Olam...


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