Saturday, March 25, 2006

CPT: Sadness, Joy, and True Activism

To those of you who don't follow international news beyond the general headlines, there has been an ongoing series of events concerning the valiant and courageous organization Christian Peacemaker Teams. Back in November, 4 members of this group (1 American, 1 Britons, and 2 Canadians) were abducted by insurgents. Since then, there have been a great many people around the world petitioning for their release, including several secular and religious Iraqi groups. The first 5 links represent a loose timeline of the events, from a BBC Timeline, to the news of Tom Fox's death, to the release of the other 3 men. The concluding link is an article from Mother Jones Magazine discussing how most peace groups in the West have much to learn from the Christian Peacemaker Teams.


BBC Timeline

US hostage in Iraq confirmed dead

British Iraq hostage Kember freed

Joy at Canadian hostages' release

Freed Kember thanks rescue troops

Christian Peacemakers and the Failure of the Left


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