Friday, June 03, 2005


Here's a thought I had while editing my profile to include that lovely picture there on the right hand side of the page. Do any of us bloggers EVER read each other's profiles? Do we really concern ourselves with each other's biographies, as if they were our resumes posted for each other to read? I often think that we learn more about each other as we post by reading such blogs. We're usually more open, honest, and transparent about our pasts, presents, and futures when we're typing & sharing our hearts & minds. Granted, if you click on my profile, you'll find this GREAT list of games I like, books I like, movies I like, etc. You'll also find further down in the right hand column a list of what blogs I read, what books I'm currently reading, and what music heavily influences me. I think that those things are important components to my personality, but do we REALLY read such things about each other? Maybe we don't. Maybe we do. I read them on occasion, but do any of the rest of you? Just a question....



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