Thursday, August 17, 2006

Burnside Writers Collective

Hello and Happy Thursday to all of you!

If you hadn't heard quite yet (though this will NOT be news to most/many of my regular "readers"), I had my first music review published on Tuesday. Burnside Writers Collective accepted my offering of the recent review that I wrote on the new Regina Spektor album, Begin to Hope. The editor, Jordan Green, really liked it and wants me to submit more reviews that I've written or will write in the future, in hopes of maybe becoming a regular contributor.

Thus, please do me a favor -- visit BWC, read my review, and tell them how much you love it. I need the support. This is my first post-collegiate byline (I mean, who really counts the work you did in college for your college newspaper, unless you were a Communications major trying to get into grad school at Northwestern, Stanford, or NYU), so, the more bylines I get, the more I can truly start shopping my work around to get some PAID free-lance work.

Anyway, I appreciate all the love that you great readers have shown in the past 18 months. Invite your friends to come visit me, both here and my OTHER blogs (you can see those links on the right-hand sidebar). I'd love to interact with more people!




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