Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Top 5 Moments of 2005

In no order & inspired by my blog-friend Erin (aka Surface Ripple) and (as usual) Rob Gordon:

1) My 26th birthday: It had been years since I had collected my friends around me to celebrate my birthday. It just had never happened. I think that what sets my 26th apart is that it was diametrically & completely different than the depressed NOTHING that was my 25th birthday celebration.

2) The ever-developing cohesion of my small group: This is simple. My best friends collecting themselves once a week since June to talk about God, Jesus, faith, our struggles, our lack of faith, and growing so much as people, friends, and followers of Christ. Beautiful....

3) My current job: After 15 months of struggling to make things work at the bookstore and after leaving post at the private church-school, coming upon and securing my job as a teacher at a Waldorf school has been such a blessed event. It has been years since I have felt more loved, appreciated, encouraged and wanted in a work environment.

4) My level of involvement at my spiritual community: Getting involved with the missional community that is Ecclesia has been such an infusion of lifeblood into my spirit and my faith. Not only do I get to receive so much from the people leading the community, but I am blessed to be able to be involved, give, and serve.

5) It's good to have options: I have lots of possibilities and potential in front of me, such that I haven't had since entering college back in 1997. Much like Erin choosing to enter law school, I am weighing the benefits & drawbacks to either graduate school (MA/PhD in Political Science/History) or seminary (Regent in Vancouver, BC or Biblical in Philly, PA). It is good, though rather intimidating at times, to have options.

Granted, as my most recent post outlines, these Top 5 really have to be expanded to be a Top 7. Alas....


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