Monday, December 12, 2005

Environmental Recollections

Propped upon a thinning collection
of blue cotton and abused filler,
Supported by four teetering, wobbling,
chunks of compressed faux wood particles,
Standing on a sea of concrete chocolate,
not-yet-scraped by tugged weights,

Surrounded by waves so percussive, melodic,
deep, airy, tuned, and flowing,
Enfolded by panels of creamy chalk and
stone-grey rows connected by white lines,
Gazed down upon by lines, images,
paints, & pens, creations of creations,

I reconvene with my loved ones and with
the pieces of me that I don't much love.
I seek to reconnect those pieces and parts,
though I try to hold them apart and so separate.
I hold them all in tension, just as I hold
You -- so beyond me, yet so within.

Copyright 12/11/2005


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