Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Victorian Garden


Forgive me, my dear regular readers, for having morphed my blog recently into a forum for my poetry. I just really feel inspired to write in this vein these days, and, since this IS my blog, I don't feel guilty for posting my work. I just hope that you like what I'm sharing. I do appreciate all of your comments.

I think about what's important
And I come to realize
That everyone is.


I wonder about what's essential
And I come to realize
That not much is.

Not really much.

But great harmony arises when
Importance versus difference
Is balanced.

I do not solve the paradox.
I do not solve the mystery.
I live in them
I struggle with them.
I search with them
As they search and struggle with me.

And if I can try to involve
All who are important
In the few things that are essential,
Then I might make the impossible
A bit more possible,
The improbable a bit more probable.

Copyright 10/01/2005


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