Monday, September 26, 2005

Rummaging in the Dark

As she flipped through the pages
Of her life's catalogue,
She came across some images
She'd thought she had forgotten.

And as her eyes took in the sight
Of these long-lost pictures,
She found herself overwhelmed
By the possibilities she had

Locked away
In a room
Tossed haphazardly in a
Booby-trapped tomb

It's not that she had never cared
Or had never tried achieving
But more that all of her attempts
Had somehow been denied

So no matter who had found a way
To close up her hopes and dreams
All that really counts right now
Is that she finds the key to

Open up
That door
Pull out what's been discarded
Now value what was deemed poor

It's so hard
Most times
To face your detractors
It's almost
To get past your distractions.

Copyright 09/03/2005


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