Sunday, October 30, 2005

Friday Night at the Toyota Center

I thought long and hard about writing this post. I wondered how I could ever compose a post concerning the concert experience I underwent without sounding like a totally retarded, totally fawning, totally dorky fan. I'm just not sure it's possible. It really isn't. Granted, had this been the 3rd or 4th time I had seen them, things might be different -- I would be able to have a great concert experience, love the songs, compare this show with the last one I'd seen, and been generally a bit more discerning. But not with this show...

I saw U2 in concert Friday night. It was one of the best concerts that I've ever been to, even though our seats were behind the stage in Sections 432 & 433 at the Toyota Center in Houston. It could have been MUCH worse. We could have been in the 400's facing the stage at the FAR FAR other end of the arena. Our seats allowed us a cat-bird type seat right on top of the back of the stage. I really couldn't complain at all. The only thing I could do is to get my OWN seat/place to stand in the Pit/General Admission area for the next time they come through the area. Minor things....

They played nearly every hit possible, within the constraints of time, as they did play for nearly 2 1/2 hours. Bono/Edge/Adam/Larry played 7 out of 11 songs from the new album "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" as well as a string of their best songs from their 25 year history. Here are the songs that they did NOT play, but I wish they had. I think that this is better than posting the songs they DID play.

1) "Bad" from "The Unforgettable Fire"
2) "New Year's Day" from "War"
3) "Out of Control" from "Boy"
4) "Gloria" from "October"
5) ANYTHING from "Achtung Baby" (though they did play "One", one of my fave songs of theirs
6) "Stay (Faraway and So Close)" from "Zooropa"
7) "Please" from "Pop"
8) "Wake Up, Dead Man" from "Pop"
9) "Kite" from "All That You Can't Leave Behind"

All said, it was a great night. All 4 men played to the crowd, though few frontmen could ever DREAM to lead a crowd like Bono can. One of my highlights of the night was when he pulled a random woman out from the crowd and slow-danced/cradled her while singing "With or Without You". Beautiful. Simply beautiful.... Other highlights include Edge's solo during "Bullet the Blue Sky" and Joe's reaction when the band burst out with "I Will Follow" about 1/3 into the show. It was great seeing my friend that happy.

I might write more later, but I don't want to seem to silly and ridiculous. Oh well, it was U2 and I am so happy right now. It has been such a great weekend. BTW, in honor of Bono's plea/request, go visit One and look around.



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