Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Fall and Rise of the Internet Revolution

The online invasion continues.....

More of us are getting online and communicating through online means, leading to a greater leveling of the playing field than ever before. The media revolution has been on the rise recently, but has never before been so readily democratized than through the Internet.

Yes, the Net is STILL the wonderful place that we all know and love -- a place where you can get all of the free porn you'd ever want, all of the unattached contacts with members of the opposite sex you can imagine, and all of the ridiculous information you'd ever even dream that was available.

However, the Interner has given people the wonderful opportunity to share & share alike between people who really and truly want to learn, grow, develop, challenge, & be challenged. The Liquid Cell and BookWorm University are looking to take their place within the new Roman Pantheon of ideas that is changing the way that people surf the Internet. I hope that you like what you see, so feel free to read, think, and contribute.



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