Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sidebars and Sideburns

I've often wondered this, since I tend to keep it fairly updated, but who actually reads through my reading and listening lists? Maybe I have some vain preconceptions about the content that I post, but I'd actually like to know whether or not that information there on my sidebar is worth keeping around. I've been thinking of ways to streamline/reformat my blog and the first things that come to mind to rearrange are those sidebars.

Am I being too random? Being too overly curious? I mean, you could all respond and say, "HEY! That stuff is crap. I don't pay a bit of attention that drivel!" Not that any of you would use that exact (or similar) phraseology, but the intent might be there.

Or maybe I should ask if there's any OTHER information about my life & times you'd prefer to read. I have enough people who regularly read through my material, so I'd like to poll all of you and test the waters.

Any ideas? Anyone?

**sheepishly grinning the chutzpah of such a silly post as "Thirty-Three" from the Smashing Pumpkins begins playing in his ears, his iTunes fully on random**


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